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As part of our Learning strategy, OPJS University affirms a list of attributes and qualities to be found in the OPJS Graduate. These goals for the best educational experience we could offer to our students included the characteristics of being and active citizen who respects diversity and an educated person who is 'culturally agile and able to work in multinational settings.

It is the University's conviction that being part of an international community is itself and education, and that when students make the most opportunities to learn from those who are different to themselves, they gain insights they would not experience any other way. For us diversity is an asset.

The role of University is to acknowledge that people have genuine concerns and difficulties - and to work on solutions to these - but also to be a place of diversity, openness, inclusion and welcome.

As a university, we are in many ways an experimental country to bring international perspectives into the educational experience. For us it is a moral voyage with an emphasis on innovation and putting knowledge to service. And if it isn't, we will fall far short of what we can be. And we will fail to answer questions from students and society about what a university is for at a time of change and limited resource

Our University shows what an international community can and should be. A place of diversity in which talents are brought together to do good in our world. 

Some of the leaders of the future are with us at OPJS now and takes is to make the very most of them being amongst us. Let's learn form and teach one another about our hope for a future society typified by talent, respect and international collaboration.

University Goals

Working closely from the Institutional Mission Statement, OPJS University specifies eight long-term goals in an attempt to achieve the Trust's mission. The eight goals are as follows :

  • To enroll, retain and graduate a diverse student body composed in individuals who have high potential for academic success.
  • To provide baccalaureate, Masters and Doctorate degree programs that prepares students for productive careers and provides them the intellectual, cultural and ethical foundations necessary to contribute to a changing global community.
  • To attract and retain a diverse and highly qualified faculty and staff.
  • To develop and enhance in the institution a tradition of excellence in teaching and concern for students.
  • To provide a supportive, safe and secure academic environment that stimulates a sense of community.
  • To provide responsive, effective and efficient services needed to support exemplary academic and public service programs.
  • To gorge alliances with universities of international repute, that would enable the delivery of that university's academic degree programs in Asian and African countries.

  • To develop, provide leadership for, and participate in, initiatives of the global higher Education community that are consistent with the role and purpose of the institution.

University Plans

OPJS University (through any of its group institutions) shal maintain academic linkages and partnerships with accredited institutions of high learning based in the United State of America, Australia and the United Kingdom. 

The OPJS University Group, through the formation of company exclusively for this purpose called the OPJS International College (OIC) to be headquartered in London (UK), plans to offer student based in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa the opportunity to earn accredited qualification offered by leading UK, Australian and US universities in a multitude of disciplines, without having to leave their home counties and at a cost that would a fraction of the one involved in traveling to the US/Australia/UK to do so. OIC will do so by

  • Forging strong links and partnership with leading UK, Australia and US universities that would enable students enrolling on OIC programs to study towards an award from these universities without having to leave their home countries.
  • Seeking accreditation for its programs from recognized and relevant professional bodies around the world and in counties where these qualifications are offered.
  • Creating a flexible learning system that would accommodate the need of the individual learner of the traditional students who would enroll on the OIC programs through OIC support colleges.
  • Setting up and easy to navigate electronic delivery system incorporating the latest advance in e-learning and other web based technologies.
  • Offering flexible ''All under one room'' access to education and support services, online and at its support colleges; guaranteed quality of the total student experience including students service and facilities, guaranteed pathways to degrees using the best of trans-national education. 
  • Recruiting highly qualified teaching staff to deliver these programs electronically and providing opportunities for continuous professional development especially in are as related to online academic delivery systems. 
  • Providing a wide array of library and other learning resources including an e-library and physical libraries at its support colleges. 


  • Genuine Research Work.
  • 24*7 Hours Phone Assistance by Guide.
  • Completion of Research work on time, Degree will be awarded on time.
  • Information Regarding Scholarship :
    • Top 10 Students will get 50% of fee relaxation who clear the entrance test
    • The Students Whose NET,SET Cleared will get 20% Scholarship for the student
    • Top 10 Students of Course Work Exam will get Rs. 10,000 Scholarship each.


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