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To be successful in this fast changing environment and growing competitiveness, of course, one has to acquire knowledge, possess vision, initiative, a sense of deep commitment and determination to achieve his goals. But besides these, one has to develop his inner strengths and dormant qualities and be able to recognize and overcome his weaknesses.

An effort on the part of the University, however sincere and dedicated it may be, will go all futile, unless whole hearted co-operation comes from the parents/guardians of the students as well as the students themselves. The process of learning is always like two-way traffic. Therefore, a close, consistent and integrated interaction between the University, students and the guardians is most essentially required.

OPJS has laid down an open and clear plan and it would like to execute it in an effective and honest manner. The University is known for its quality faculty members, sound infrastructure, regular upgradation in all respects and its commitment towards the students. Its teaching pedagogy, adaptation to the changing world and innovative thinking makes it the best choice for education. Your presence in the University will be refreshing and enjoyable and you will always feel a sense of achievement.

I consider it a privilege in inviting you to join us, be a part of the OPJS family and strive together towards excellence and success that every one of us dream of.

Welcome to OPJS Family!

OPJS University


  • Genuine Research Work.
  • 24*7 Hours Phone Assistance by Guide.
  • Completion of Research work on time, Degree will be awarded on time.
  • Information Regarding Scholarship :
    • Top 10 Students will get 50% of fee relaxation who clear the entrance test
    • The Students Whose NET,SET Cleared will get 20% Scholarship for the student
    • Top 10 Students of Course Work Exam will get Rs. 10,000 Scholarship each.