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Programmes / Best MSC Admission OPJS in Rajasthan

M.Sc. ( Computer Science) Course Fee Structure

Duration (Sem/Year) 4 Sem
Eligibility Graduation in Relevent Subject
Approved Sam Tution Fee 25000
Approved Year Tution Fee 50000
Regn Per Year/Sem 1200
Fee Per Year 1500
Total Fee Per Year/Sem 52700

Looking for the best career option in science? We at the best MSc university in Rajasthan provide you with the most proficient course of MSc. OPJS University, Rajasthan holds a position in the list of the top-ranked MSc universities in Rajasthan. The university has backed its position because of the hard-working faculty members who deliver knowledge in the most prominent way so that grasping could be easy for students. University builds your career in such an environment that prompts scientific research and knowledge among the students. MSc, full form Master of Science, is a 2 stretches PG course, aimed at

MSc courses are offered in the utmost of the stylish sodalities in India with specializations in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Maths, etc

MSc admission is open for 2023-24 at OPJS university. The introductory eligibility criteria for MSc courses that are followed in nearly all sodalities and universities across India are as follows

  • ● scholars must have a Bachelorette’s degree in an applicable discipline.
  • ● A minimum of 50- 60% at scale position to be suitable to secure admission.
  • ● Generally, a 5 relaxation is handed to the reserved order campaigners asunder from fulfilling the MSc eligibility criteria, scholars need to crack the MSc entrance test 2023-24

Then are many points to help you in clearing the MSc entrance examinations

  • ● Prepare Completely for the general aptitude and general wisdom. We suggest you start your medication 2 times in advance.
  • ● break and exercise last time’s question paper, piecemeal from the model tests which are available on their sanctioned websites or on the internet.
  • ● Mock tests should be given in case of online examinations to get a hang of the computer-grounded entrance tests.
  • ● In nearly all the MSc Entrance examinations, generally, 60 of the questions are simple, 20 are fairly logical and 20 are extremely delicate.