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BCA Course Fee Structure

Duration (Sem/Year) 6 Sem
Eligibility 12th in Relevent Subject
Approved Sam Tution Fee 25000
Approved Year Tution Fee 50000
Regn Per Year/Sem 1200
Fee Per Year 1500
Total Fee Per Year/Sem 52700

Are you looking for a career in web technology? We at OPJS university provide the first step in your web technology career. The premium quality BCA courses at a very affordable fee structure are the top-ranked BCA University in Rajasthan Bachelorette of Computer operation( BCA) is a 3- span undergraduate course that imparts knowledge on the basics of computer operation and software development. BCA subjects include database operation systems, software engineering, operating systems, web technology, and computer languages like HTML, C, C++, and Java. There are enormous reasons to pursue this course some of the merits of pursuing this course at the best BCA University in Rajasthan are stated below

  • ● BCA course opens a pool of job openings in colorful fields, especially in the IT sector.
  • ● BCA is nearly original to the BTech course. The major benefit of concluding for BCA is that it's a 3- time program whereas BTech is a 4- time course.
  • ● A sprinkle of sodalities offers BCA specialization as well as in the field of Data Science, Data Analytics, and Computer Science.
  • ● There's an occasion for scholars to go for advanced studies too like MCA, to add a redundant edge and modernize their chops & experience, which leads to career development.
  • ● Scholars come completely by well-used programming languages similar as JAVA, C, Python, CSS, Linux, etc., and enhance their specialized chops as well.
  • ● A seeker with a BCA degree is in huge demand since the force is continuing to get replaced by the systems and the need for good skillful experts and professionals is there to operate and serve.

The job places after the BCA course are different, and scholars can find career stability within 2- 5 spells of employment. The IT exploration assiduity is roaring in India at a fast pace, and according to statistics the need for professed professionals will double by 2025. So what are you waiting for register for your slots before BCA admission last date 2024-25.