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D.Litt. Course Fee Structure

Duration (Sem/Year) 2 Year
Eligibility Ph.D. in relevant Subject (55%)
Approved Year Tution Fee Year/Sem 70000
Regn Per Year/Sem 5000
Total Fee Per Year/Sem 75000

Doctor of literature course is a two year course for postgraduate students who have interest in literature, compositions, poetry , fiction etc . This course offers students knowledge about culture and art forms . under this course students are given knowledge about philosophical and social issues The Doctor of literature course is famous among the students who wish to have specialisation in literature in subjects such as literature , international literature , historical literature or contemporary literature

For an aspirant to be eligible for pursuing this course at the best LLB university in India that is OPJS university must satisfy following criterias.

The best doctor of literature course is available at the popular OPJS university at the most affordable fees structure . This university is one of the top ranking university of D. Litt in India . The university comprises high - tech labs and modern classrooms . classroom teaching at the well known university is famous across the globe

The excellent staff members make the university best D.Litt university in Delhi NCR Not only in Delhi NCR but also it has campus at various places in India including Rajasthan , Haryana and gurugram After completing the best version of D. Litt course at the best D.Litt university in India , you can get good job openings in elegant companies with high pay scales.

  • ● scholars can pursue further study in literature to learn all aspects, chops in literature courses.
  • ● campaigners may get job openings in both public and private sectors like National Health Service, educational institutes, government agencies, fiscal and legal enterprises, media associations, public religion agencies, etc.
  • ● They can work as copywriter, content inventor, schoolteacher, marketing superintendent, librarian, intelligencer, editor, etc.

Bring the best short term course after post graduation for Doctor of literature (D. Litt) at india’s best University, Start D.litt course in 2024-25 get all the detail of course along with admission process and carrier options. Being the best and largest university in India for offering the course D.litt, also registration is open for D.litt 2024-25 sessions at OPJS University Rajasthan. Get the Job Placement after completion of course; many more facilities available in campus also get the opportunity to participle in national level sports completion in 2024-25.

Are you looking for the best d.litt universities in India? We have the best option for you OPJS University is ranked among the top d.lit universities in Rajasthan Doctor of literature orD. Litt is a 2-time course for postgraduate scholars. This course includes literature, jotting, composition, poetry, fabrication, etc. This course has a specialization in similar subjects as literature, transnational literature, literal literature, or contemporary literature. In this course, scholars learn chops to understand philosophical and social issues. They also learn about verbal societies and artistic significance and understand the diversity. This course helps in particular growth, professional growth.

Some of the benefits of pursuing the best D.Litt course at an affordable price as under

  • ● This course will educate you about how to be a experimenter.
  • ● This course helps in revealing ideas, views, and culture.
  • ● It'll help you to develop a critical eye( interpretation).
  • ● You develop chops similar to operation, problem working, directing, leadership, organizing, and verbal & non-verbal chops.

For a student to be a part of a D.litt course admission open 2024-25 must satisfy the following criteria

Some of the benefits of pursuing the best D.Litt course at an affordable price as under

  • ● Hold a Ph.D. in literature or original from an honored university.
  • ● minimal total of 50% marks in the qualifying examination.
  • ● English should be the mandatory subject.
  • ● No container will be accepted, must have clear Ph.D. literature.
  • ● Entrance Examinations are applicable at the discretion of the council.

So what are you waiting for? Register before D.Litt admission late date 2024-25.