OPJS University is really good university. Right from faculty to peons everything’s amazing and taken care of all. At the OPJS University, we strongly believe in harnessing the power of knowledge by combining learning with extensive application-based study and professional ethics, thus maximizing one’s overall potential and nurturing a winning mentality in each of our students. We believe in a radical approach towards education with in-depth study and international teaching techniques that encourage a practical application of knowledge along with a code of ethics, hence developing one’s inner self and providing the perfect edge. It is always in talks regarding Research and Innovations. Research and Innovation is at the core of OPJSU. Responding to the immediate need of the hour, OPJSU contributed by undertaking purposeful research to combat the situation arised due to COVID-19 pandemic. We are eagerly waiting for executing collaborations (MOU) with research Institutes/Universities and industries to enhance Green Economy for the purpose of joint research, student and conferences. We hope that OPJSY has become a research driven University in near future which encourages innovation in every field and has been recognized worldwide.

It is the prism that refracts all our endeavors—whether it is our architecture, curriculum design, pedagogy, hostel life, laboratories, library. We are modern, yet we are not really so. We understand the hybrid nature of the global workplace and that is why no binaries constrain us. To flourish in the world today, one cannot afford substantive and rigid visions of the good life. One has to appreciate the negotiated nature of the contemporary. That is why we emphasize reflexivity, flexibility, diversity and accommodation as key values. While that is the ethos of critical engagement, we aspire to craft, we are equally keen to develop top quality professionals for our customers: the corporate, public sector and the academia.

At the University, we are committed to producing top-notch professionals who have a zeal for perpetual learning and are capable of performing well in diverse professional and cultural settings. While we provide the students with all the tools required to successfully take on the world, we also endeavor to instill in them a healthy cultural rootedness that combines the best of traditional values with modern and progressive sensibilities.

From the desk of Research Director


  • Genuine Research Work.
  • 24*7 Hours Phone Assistance by Guide.
  • Completion of Research work on time, Degree will be awarded on time.
  • Information Regarding Scholarship :
    • Top 10 Students will get 50% of fee relaxation who clear the entrance test
    • The Students Whose NET,SET Cleared will get 20% Scholarship for the student
    • Top 10 Students of Course Work Exam will get Rs. 10,000 Scholarship each.


Updated wef Mar'23