The impact of blockchain in education goes beyond record keeping. The technology also has the potential to transform the management of university curricula. For one thing, blockchain offers secure storage capabilities for digital syllabi and coursework. Institutions do rely on hard drives for this, but the risk of the drives being damaged or compromised is a concern. Cloud storage is another option, but may prove too expensive for some institutions.

Blockchains could also make educators’ jobs easier via the use of smart contracts. A smart contract consists of lines of code programmed into a blockchain that automatically execute when certain conditions are met. For example, a teacher could program lessons and courses into a blockchain, setting up tasks for students, and the blockchain’s smart contract would automatically verify the completion of each task and then provide the student with the next task, until all tasks are complete.

Teachers could also use the same smart contract technology to assist with grading. Educators could program entire exams — including questions, answers, and scoring parameters — into a blockchain and have students take the exams using computers or tablets. The blockchain then takes care of grading, giving teachers more time for other academic endeavors, and the student’s score becomes a part of their permanent academic record, stored securely on the blockchain.

Blockchain can also improve the quality of online education by enhancing the accreditation process. The convenience of online education can occasionally lead to unaccredited or uncertified institutions operating on a seemingly level playing field with reputable institutions, posing a risk to online learners. Recording accreditations using blockchain provides transparency and security.

Blockchain can also be used as a decentralized platform for institutions to share information about online courses and programs and for students to share ratings of online offerings, helping other students find accredited programs that will help them further their education.


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